Wednesday, 29 June 2011

When the Dom's away...

my Dom was away last week and in His absence, i did the following naughty things – things He says i am now in trouble for. :-)

1) i got inebriated on a work outing. Going home was a blur – but i managed it only to be violently ill in the early hours. i drank maybe a bottle and a half of red on an empty stomach.

2) i watched a few clips on Spank Wire and Porn Hub – I typed “bdsm” and “hogtied” and “spanking” on their search engines. i think i was fascinated by a clip from Hardtied – a slave had one leg bent to her tits and roped up, arms tied behind her and she’s gagged and whipped on her bare ass and shaven pussy. Another favourite was a really harsh deep throat fucking - the sub is on her knees against a wall, her mouth is at the mercy of her Master’s cock.

3) i was so hot at work that i took off all my underthings and spent the day bra-less, vest-less and would have gone knicker-less too if i hadn’t been on my period.

4) i was very lax about shaving my cunt.

i don't know what's in store for me yet. Or when. It's up to Him to decide. i'm just so happy He's back!

i am giddy with equal amounts of joy and nervousness. i hope to be able to report soon as to my fate.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

my submission

i am starting this blog as my Dom commands me to. It is part of my submission to Him.

my Dom is kindly but firmly training me into being a fully fledge sub worthy of His Dominance.

This blog will be a history of my sexual submission to share with all of you.

my journey begins tomorrow where i will relate my latest adventure in my submission training.

i hope you will join me.

:-) x