Sunday, 12 June 2011

my submission

i am starting this blog as my Dom commands me to. It is part of my submission to Him.

my Dom is kindly but firmly training me into being a fully fledge sub worthy of His Dominance.

This blog will be a history of my sexual submission to share with all of you.

my journey begins tomorrow where i will relate my latest adventure in my submission training.

i hope you will join me.

:-) x


  1. Hello, i just started a few days earlier than you. Hope you will enjoy here as much as mine. Best wishes, hugs ;)

    (ps. not sure if problem cos of posting by iphone, so i try again)

  2. Welcome sub-kitten and enjoy the amazing journey that you will experience and grow to love.

    blossom xx

  3. I figured I had better come find this "sub kitten" who leaves the nicest comments on my blog..

    I am glad I did.... and unless you object ... I will link to your blog so others can come and visit... :) Just let me know...

    OH and the teacher in me cannot resist pointing out that you promised to post on Monday about your "latest adventure" (cheeky grin)

  4. @sl - hello there and thank you for visiting my little blog! it's been a pleasure meeting you!

    @blossom -thank you so much for your kind welcome! i do look forward to this journey!

    @morningstar - hello there!! i'd love to post my latest adventure but i await my Dom's command for me to do so! so far He's not saidi could. thank you for you amazing welcome - i'm having such fun being here!

  5. Welcome sub kitten and thank you for MY comments too